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Brand DNA


Sylvian Hyde: The Epitome of Bespoke Elegance and Sustainable Luxury

In the resplendent tapestry of modern fashion, Sylvian Hyde emerges as a beacon of refined sophistication and ethical grandeur.

Catering to the discerning gentleman, our brand is the quintessence of bespoke luxury and innovative design, aimed at an audience of males age 25-40, with an eye on expanding our sartorial reach to womenswear and beauty realms in the future.


Our Ethos: Sustainability Meets Style


At the heart of Sylvian Hyde is a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Our made-to-order business model isn’t merely a choice; it’s our declaration of respect for the environment. By producing within the United States and sourcing materials globally under ethical and sustainable practices, we ensure each garment is a testament to our ecological conscience.


Fashion as a Form of Self-Expression


We recognize the often restrictive and recycled nature of traditional menswear. Sylvian Hyde stands as a sartorial rebellion against this norm. Our mission is to expand the horizons of male fashion, offering a broad spectrum of styles for self-expression. We are not just creating clothes; we are crafting a canvas for individuality.

Our Offerings: A Symphony of Style and Sustainability


Bespoke and Customizable Designs: Each piece from Sylvian Hyde is a sartorial jewel, meticulously crafted to meet the individual preferences of our clients. We believe in the power of personalization, offering an array of bespoke options that allow our customers to imprint their essence into each garment.

Innovative and Novel Designs: Our collections are a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. We dare to push the boundaries of menswear, introducing exciting, novel designs that redefine male fashion.

Exclusive, Made-To-Order Collections: Sylvian Hyde’s limited edition, seasonal collections are not just clothing; they’re collectibles. Each piece is a rare work of art, available exclusively through made-to-order, ensuring both exclusivity and sustainability.

Ethical and Environmentally Sustainable: Our commitment to the planet is unwavering. Every Sylvian Hyde piece is a pledge to ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

Socioeconomic Awareness: We are not just fashion creators; we are global citizens. Sylvian Hyde is deeply aware of its socioeconomic impact, ensuring that our practices contribute positively to society.

Tribute to Indigenous Heritage: Our logo/branding and designs pay homage to the rich tapestry of Meso-American indigenous cultures. 


In essence, Sylvian Hyde isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. It’s a call to men who yearn for more from their wardrobe, and who seek garments that are as unique as their personalities. For the gentleman who values not only the aesthetics of his attire but also the story and ethos behind it, Sylvian Hyde is the ultimate sartorial destination. Join us in this journey of style, sustainability, and self-expression.

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