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Recap: Urban Oasis Spring Summer 2019 Collection Launch in Battery Park City

Updated: Jan 21

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On July 9th, we unveiled our Urban Oasis Spring Summer 2019 Collection, right in the heart of the city that inspired it. The event opened with musician and model Reggie Revels, donning our Highline suit from the Trans-Seasonal 18 X Collection (Season 1), setting the stage for a memorable evening in Battery Park City, New York City. Twelve models followed, bringing a vibrant splash of summer to the cityscape. This runway show marked our second season, showcasing our evolution in menswear. 

The SS19 Collection, titled “Urban Oasis,” is a homage to the modern urban man’s quest for a sartorial sanctuary amidst today’s monotonous menswear landscape. We’ve built this collection on the pillars of color, sex appeal, functionality, and novelty – the very foundations of our brand ethos.

The inspiration for this collection blossomed in Battery Park City’s Lily Pond, a serene spot for local residents. The enchanting way the sun’s rays filter through the lush greenery around 6 PM, the lively waterfall, the playfulness of the coy orange fish and visiting ducks, all stirred my creativity. The reflective blue glass of the towering buildings and the stoic presence of the One World Trade Center nearby, all contributed to the theme and color palette of our Spring Summer 2019 collection.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors Yeroc, Neuhaus, Extrovertic, and SoHarlem, whose support helped bring our vision to life.

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