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Discover the Future of Fashion with Luxleisure: The Evolution beyond Athleisure

Updated: Jan 21

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At Sylvian Hyde, we are pioneering a groundbreaking trend: Luxleisure.

On Monday, July 9th, 2018, we unveiled a pioneering innovation in men’s fashion - tailored suits and jackets crafted from athletic mesh. This marked a first in the industry. Luxleisure is a step beyond Athleisure, which integrates clothing designed for athletic pursuits into office, school, and casual social settings. Luxleisure reimagines this concept, merging casual, sporty fabrics with the finesse of tailored suits and outerwear. This fusion creates a sophisticated yet relaxed Athleisure look, perfect for business casual and other informal environments.

Sylvian Hyde SS19 Luxleisure Athletic Mesh Tailored Suit and Double Breasted Jacket

In today’s fashion landscape, suit-wearing has become a less frequent choice among young men, and fashion students seldom gravitate towards specializing in tailoring. This shift contributes to the global decline of premium tailoring. As a nascent brand, six years into our journey, Sylvian Hyde is committed to reviving the allure of tailored suits for the younger generation. With menswear flourishing and men seeking more variety, the time is ripe to reintroduce young men to tailored suits, but with a modern twist that resonates with them.

Sylvian Hyde SS19 Luxleisure Athletic Mesh Tailored Double Breasted Jacket

The introduction of athletic mesh into suit design strips away the traditional formal and conservative connotations of the suit, while maintaining its elegant and polished essence. This results in a look that is versatile, comfortable, and eminently practical. Join us at Sylvian Hyde as we continue to craft innovative designs for the youthfully sophisticated urban man.

Sylvian Hyde SS19 Luxleisure Athletic Mesh Tailored Suit

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