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The Birth of Luxleisure​​​​

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Here at Sylvian Hyde we are creating a new trend and coining the term Luxleisure. 

On Monday, July 9th, 2018 we unveiled tailored suits and jackets made from athletic mesh, a first in the industry. Luxliesure sits above Athleisure a trend where clothing designed for exercising and other athletic activities are worn to the office, school, and different casual social settings. Luxleisure is casual and sporty fabrics used for tailored suits and outerwear for business casual and other casual settings for a more dressed up Athleisure look.

Sylvian Hyde SS19 Luxleisure Athletic Mesh Tailored Suit and Double Breasted Jacket

Today only a few men wear suits regularly something that is simply not popular with young men. Fashion students rarely choose to specialize in tailoring which all plays a role in why globally premium tailoring is in rapid decline. As a new company just nine months old we want to play our part in making tailored suits popular with young men. With menswear on the rise and men demanding more options we feel it’s the perfect time to reintroduce the tailored suit to young men in a new and fresh way they would appreciate. 

Sylvian Hyde SS19 Luxleisure Athletic Mesh Tailored Double Breasted Jacket

The use of the sporty athletic mesh fabric takes away the super formal and conservative stereotype of the suit but still preserves its chic and refined qualities for a versatile, comfortable and practical look.  Follow us at Sylvian Hyde as we continue to design for the youthfully sophisticated urban man.

Sylvian Hyde SS19 Luxleisure Athletic Mesh Tailored Suit


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